3 useful Angular 2 developer tools | Angular 2

Nowadays JavaScript is the most widely used technology for building Web and Mobile based applications. Angular JS is the core reason behind the popularity of JavaScript. It’s time for Angular 2, framework for both Mobile and Web applications. If your are not tried Angular 2 yet, please visit the official site¬†https://angular.io/¬† for more details. In […]

How to Access Ubuntu PC Files From Your Android Phone

I recently purchased a Xiaomi Mi Pad tablet running Android KitKat. I had a large collection of movies in my laptop(I use Linux Mint). For some reason I found watching movies from Tablet more convenient than from Laptop. But the problem with watching movies from tablet is that every time when I want to watch […]

How to Install BSNL EVDO in Ubuntu / Mint in 3 Minutes

How to Install and Configure BSNL EVDO in Ubuntu or Linux Mint-3

Configuring BSNL EVDO in Linux variants like Ubuntu, Mint etc is a nightmare for most of us, especially one who enjoyed the easiness of one-click installers available for Windows. But, if you follow the right method, you could understand that it is even easier in Ubuntu than in Windows. So, make sure that your system […]

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Setting compiler options in Flash Builder | Adobe Flex Tutorial #3

Before setting the compiler options in flash builder, we should know why we are setting the compiler options ? and then how ? That we can discuss in detail: If you are a beginner then you can go through my previous posts for getting some basics: Introduction to Adobe Flex and Flash Builder | Adobe […]

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Creating Flex project in Flash Builder | Adobe Flex Tutorial #2

Creating Flex project in Flash Builder Creating A Flex project in Flash Builder is not so difficult. The IDE of flash builder is same as Eclipse. Flash builder is built on top of eclipse – the development environment which is strongly associated with java development. Although flash builder, certainly, is not necessary for creating flex […]

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Introduction to Adobe Flex and Flash Builder | Adobe Flex Tutorial #1

Hai, here I am starting a tutorial for adobe flex. I am planning to start from the beginning and go up to some extend. I think all of you will get some additional information about flex and it will be helpful in your applications. Also, I am considering the beginners too, that means I am […]

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SQL Trigger – A complete Example in PostgreSQL

What is an SQL Trigger ? Before going into the PostgreSQL trigger example, let’s first try to define what an sql trigger is. A trigger is associated with a table or view and is fired whenever an event occur. The ‘events’ are INSERT, DELETE, UPDATE or TRUNCATE. Trigger will eventually call a function which is […]

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Closure Table – Store Hierarchical Data Seamlessly | PostgreSQL

Closure table is a simple and elegant way of storing and querying hierarchical data in any RDBMS. By hierarchical data we mean a set of data that has some parent – child relationship among them. We use the word ‘tree’ instead of hierarchies commonly. As an example we may take the relationships between geographic locations […]

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Advanced Blogger Greet box – WP Greet box plugin Blogger version

Plugins like Blogger Greet box are important for increasing site traffic because web today is not just googling, it includes Liking, Plusing, Tweeting, Digging and so on. As a webmaster trying to increase his traffic, one should have to be bothered about all such sources of traffic. People spend more time in social medias and […]

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