3 useful Angular 2 developer tools | Angular 2

Nowadays JavaScript is the most widely used technology for building Web and Mobile based applications. Angular JS is the core reason behind the popularity of JavaScript. It’s time for Angular 2, framework for both Mobile and Web applications. If your are not tried Angular 2 yet, please visit the official site https://angular.io/  for more details. In […]

How to Access Ubuntu PC Files From Your Android Phone

I recently purchased a Xiaomi Mi Pad tablet running Android KitKat. I had a large collection of movies in my laptop(I use Linux Mint). For some reason I found watching movies from Tablet more convenient than from Laptop. But the problem with watching movies from tablet is that every time when I want to watch […]

How to Install BSNL EVDO in Ubuntu / Mint in 3 Minutes

How to Install and Configure BSNL EVDO in Ubuntu or Linux Mint-3

Configuring BSNL EVDO in Linux variants like Ubuntu, Mint etc is a nightmare for most of us, especially one who enjoyed the easiness of one-click installers available for Windows. But, if you follow the right method, you could understand that it is even easier in Ubuntu than in Windows. So, make sure that your system […]

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Install & Configure PgBouncer | Pooling in PostgreSQL #1

This is the first post among the series of posts which demonstrates various tools to set up database pooling in a PostgreSQL database server. In this post we will learn how to install, configure and connect to a database pool using the popular tool – PgBouncer. Table of Contents What is Database Pooling & Why […]

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Easy way for creating mirrored bar chart | Zingchart

In the previous blog we have seen how we can render multiple pie charts in a single div, now we can check how we can create mirrored bar charts using zingchart. First we can check how we can render a bar chart using Zingchart.Steps for creating the bar chart is exactly the same as drawing […]

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How to render multiple pie charts in a single div? | Zingchart

Zingchart is a popular javascript charting library.It has support for  all kind of charts like pie chart, bar charts, area charts and many more. For more information you can visit the below given link: www.zingchart.com In this blog we will see how we can render a pie chart using zinchart library? And what to do […]

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PostgreSQL 9 High Availability Cookbook [Review]

The PostgreSQL 9 High Availability Cookbook written by Shaun M. Thomas, unlike any other PostgreSQL references which concentrate on Postgres programming, focus on the scalability and high availability of a PostgreSQL server. The various recipes available in this book from hardware selection through setting up database pools and cluster control reminds you of a complete […]

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How to Install PostgreSQL 9.2 + PostGIS 2.0 in Ubuntu

Though PostgreSQL 9.3 has released, there are people who still uses PostgreSQL 9.2 in combination with PostGIS 2.0. It is fairly easy to install and set-up PostgreSQL 9.2 in Ubuntu. It can be done in no time using any package manager like aptitude or synaptic. But the PostGIS 2.0 version available in apt repository has […]

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How to Create a WIFi Hotspot for Android/Windows In Ubuntu

Sharing your Laptop/PC’s Internet connection over WiFi will make it possible to connect your smartphone to internet over WiFI without the need of a data connection. When it comes to Windows desktops, it is as easy as downloading one of the tools like Connectify and creating a hotspot in one click. Such Hotspots are called […]

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IP Address Concepts & Postgres Network Address Data types

Table of Contents Introduction What is IP Address? IPv4 Address Representation IPv6 Address Representation Supernet, Subnet & Sub-subnet Host Address Private v/s Public IP Address space Reserved Addresses IP Address Data Types in PostgreSQL Difference Between CIDR and INET Data Types IP Address Functions in PostgreSQL Introduction PostgreSQL, in addition of being a great database […]

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How to: Create a Heatmap Raster in PostGIS and Render in GeoServer

In this post, we are going to explore a little of the the raster processing capabilities of the powerful PostgreSQL extension – PostGIS. We will be doing the following steps in this tutorial: Create a PostGIS raster and populate it’s pixel values. Export the raster data as a file in TIFF format Convert the TIFF […]

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Cookies vs HTML 5 web storage-Comparison

What you mean by web storage?When we are filling a form in online we can see that  in some of the fields the details are coming automatically when we are clicking on those fields. How it is possible? the answer is cookies. Cookies are small pieces of messages sending from the web server to the […]

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How to use pgAgent Securely with PostgreSQL [guide]

pgAgent is a scheduling agent for PostgreSQL which is used to run scheduled batch/shell or SQL tasks. pgAgent doesn’t come bundled with PostgreSQL, it needs to be installed and set-up separately as it run as a stand alone daemon. pgAgent being a powerful tool has some security concerns to be aware of. This post describes, […]

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