10 Most Useful PostgreSQL Commands with Examples | Postgres Tutorials

There are dozens of PostgreSQL tutorials available in the web which describes the basic PostgreSQL commands. But, when we go in depth with PostgreSQL, we might face a number of practical issues which needs some advanced commands to solve. fbC3yJNdSPwYF34Foce5vA== Such commands or SQL snippet are seldom readily available in PostgreSQL documentation. Here, we are […]

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Navigation [ViewStack Or Dynamically adding]| Adobe Flex Tutorials #8

Application Navigation What is navigation actually? How we can move from one page to another one.If our application is having more than one view means more than one page then we need to move from one page to another.So we need some method to switch between pages. If it is a simple HTML page we […]

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3 Ways to Use Data Binding in Flex | Adobe Flex Tutorial #7

Data Binding is defined as the process in which actually the data of one object is connected to the other object. ┬áData binding is actually requires one source property to define from where the value is actually going to copy and destination to which the value is copying and an event to specify actually when […]

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Flex – preinitialize, initialize and creationcomplete | Adobe Flex Tutorial #6

Flex life cycle phases – preinitialize, initialize and creationComplete We can develop applications without knowing the life cycle phases also but if we know these things then we can do our coding in a better way. Then we will know where to place the codes and all. So here we are going to discuss about […]

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Adding Flex event listeners | Adobe Flex Tutorial #5

Flex event Listeners Flex Event listeners, which are also called event handlers, are functions that Flash Player and AIR execute in response to specific events. Adding an event listener is a two-step process. First, you create a function or class method for Flash Player or AIR to execute in response to the event. This is […]

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Compile Flex project without Flash Builder | Adobe Flex Tutorial #4

Till now we discussed introduction to flex , how to create a project in flash builder? and setting compiler options in flash builder, and in this tutorial, we are going to discuss about how we can compile flex project without Flash builder? You may face situation like , if you are not using flash builder […]

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How to take Automatic SQL Database Backup using pgAgent | PostgreSQL

SQL Database Backup Automation in PostgreSQL Taking regular SQL database backup is one of the most important responsibilities of a database administrator. By setting up automatic database backup we can get rid of the additional overhead of doing it manually, every day, week or month. When it comes to PostgreSQL running in any Unix distributions […]

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Dojo An Advanced JavaScript Librabry | Dojo Tutorial for Beginners

Want to Be a Web Developer ? Learn Dojo Tutorial Dojo is an advanced JS library which is light and fast. Dojo version are 1.4,1.5,1.6,1.7,1.8 and 1.9, where 2.0 is planned to release in 2014. Dojo API contains dojo, dijit, dojo/query ,dojo/mobile and dojoX. In a Dojo tutorial it is important to understand the particular […]

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Setting compiler options in Flash Builder | Adobe Flex Tutorial #3

Before setting the compiler options in flash builder, we should know why we are setting the compiler options ? and then how ? That we can discuss in detail: If you are a beginner then you can go through my previous posts for getting some basics: Introduction to Adobe Flex and Flash Builder | Adobe […]

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Creating Flex project in Flash Builder | Adobe Flex Tutorial #2

Creating Flex project in Flash Builder Creating A Flex project in Flash Builder is not so difficult. The IDE of flash builder is same as Eclipse. Flash builder is built on top of eclipse – the development environment which is strongly associated with java development. Although flash builder, certainly, is not necessary for creating flex […]

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