> > > Smartphones Share: How It Is Rising? [Infographics]

Smartphones Share: How It Is Rising? [Infographics]

Did you ever wonder:

  • Which smartphone operating system own the most of the market share ? iSO, Android or Windows ?
  • Who is the top manufacture of feature phones and smartphones? Apple, Nokia or Samsung ?
  • Who own the smartphone market before Samsung or Apple ?
  • Which smartphone OS has most number of Apps ?
  • How much money each family in America spend for their phones ?
  • And so on…

This time Technobytz had a tied up with Earl Ray from coupenautit.com to present a wonderful inforgraphics which answer all these questions: Smartphones Share: How It Is Rising? So, let’s start exploring it right now!

Smartphones Share: How It Is Rising?

This Infographic is produced by Coupon Audit (provides Toms coupon code) and Technobytz

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