Introduction to Adobe Flex and Flash Builder | Adobe Flex Tutorial #1

Hai, here I am starting a tutorial for adobe flex. I am planning to start from the beginning and go up to some extend. I think all of you will get some additional information about flex and it will be helpful in your applications. Also, I am considering the beginners too, that means I am […]

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SQL Trigger – A complete Example in PostgreSQL

What is an SQL Trigger ? Before going into the PostgreSQL trigger example, let’s first try to define what an sql trigger is. A trigger is associated with a table or view and is fired whenever an event occur. The ‘events’ are INSERT, DELETE, UPDATE or TRUNCATE. Trigger will eventually call a function which is […]

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Closure Table – Store Hierarchical Data Seamlessly | PostgreSQL

Closure table is a simple and elegant way of storing and querying hierarchical data in any RDBMS. By hierarchical data we mean a set of data that has some parent – child relationship among them. We use the word ‘tree’ instead of hierarchies commonly. As an example we may take the relationships between geographic locations […]

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