IP Address Concepts & Postgres Network Address Data types

Table of Contents Introduction What is IP Address? IPv4 Address Representation IPv6 Address Representation Supernet, Subnet & Sub-subnet Host Address Private v/s Public IP Address space Reserved Addresses IP Address Data Types in PostgreSQL Difference Between CIDR and INET Data Types IP Address Functions in PostgreSQL Introduction PostgreSQL, in addition of being a great database […]

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How to: Create a Heatmap Raster in PostGIS and Render in GeoServer

In this post, we are going to explore a little of the the raster processing capabilities of the powerful PostgreSQL extension – PostGIS. We will be doing the following steps in this tutorial: Create a PostGIS raster and populate it’s pixel values. Export the raster data as a file in TIFF format Convert the TIFF […]

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Cookies vs HTML 5 web storage-Comparison

What you mean by web storage?When we are filling a form in online we can see that  in some of the fields the details are coming automatically when we are clicking on those fields. How it is possible? the answer is cookies. Cookies are small pieces of messages sending from the web server to the […]

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How to use pgAgent Securely with PostgreSQL [guide]

pgAgent is a scheduling agent for PostgreSQL which is used to run scheduled batch/shell or SQL tasks. pgAgent doesn’t come bundled with PostgreSQL, it needs to be installed and set-up separately as it run as a stand alone daemon. pgAgent being a powerful tool has some security concerns to be aware of. This post describes, […]

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How to: Install PostGIS 2 for PostgreSQL 9.3 on Ubuntu [Guide]

PostGIS is a spatial database extension for PostgreSQL RDBMS. It provides geometric data types and a number of geometric functions to query geometric data. PostGIS needs to be installed separately after installing PostgreSQL Server. In this tutorial, we are going to have a look at how to install PostGIS 2.1 for the latest PostgreSQL 9.3 […]

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How to: Install PostgreSQL 9.3 on Ubuntu – Complete Guide

PostgreSQL is one among the leading open source RDBMS available for Windows, Linux and many other platforms. Installing PostgreSQL in Windows OS is much easier since PostgreSQL provides pre-packaged setup files for Windows.  When it comes to Linux, people, especially newbies, find it difficult to install PostgreSQL because there is no all-in-one one-click installer available. […]

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Recursive WITH Query Evaluation In PostgreSQL – Explained

This time we are going to have look at how RECURSIVE WITH queries works in PostgreSQL. Instead of going into detail about the implementation, let’s begin with the problem statement. Here, we have a tree of locations which we stored in the location_hierarchy table as below: Our aim here is to get all the children […]

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HTML 5 Newly Added Features – Discussion | HTML 5 Tutorials

HTML 5 HTML 5 is the new standard of the previous version HTML 4.In HTML 5 we have some more options like tags through that we can reduce the use of external plugins like flash , we can reduce the scripting through tags ,we can create animations using canvas in HTML 5 .And HTML 5 […]

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One Challenging Question for PostgreSQL Beginners [PostgreSQL Tutorials]

Apart from the usual PostgreSQL tutorials, where I myself explain the concepts, here we are gonna have a look at a funny question in PostgreSQL. Here I am not providing a ready made answer, instead you have to come up with your own answer and we will choose the best answer by voting. The Problem […]

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Dojo Dijit BorderContainer – a working example | Dojo Tutorial

Dijit BorderContainer                                                                                                           […]

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