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A smart working techie who is currently working as HTML 5 & Java developer, having sound knowledge in Adobe Flex and Flash. Born and brought up in Kerala. Currently working in Chennai
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3 useful Angular 2 developer tools | Angular 2

Nowadays JavaScript is the most widely used technology for building Web and Mobile based applications. Angular JS is the core reason behind the popularity of JavaScript. It’s time for Angular 2, framework for both Mobile and Web applications. If your are not tried Angular 2 yet, please visit the official site https://angular.io/  for more details. In […]

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Easy way for creating mirrored bar chart | Zingchart

In the previous blog we have seen how we can render multiple pie charts in a single div, now we can check how we can create mirrored bar charts using zingchart. First we can check how we can render a bar chart using Zingchart.Steps for creating the bar chart is exactly the same as drawing […]

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How to render multiple pie charts in a single div? | Zingchart

Zingchart is a popular javascript charting library.It has support for  all kind of charts like pie chart, bar charts, area charts and many more. For more information you can visit the below given link: www.zingchart.com In this blog we will see how we can render a pie chart using zinchart library? And what to do […]

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Cookies vs HTML 5 web storage-Comparison

What you mean by web storage?When we are filling a form in online we can see that  in some of the fields the details are coming automatically when we are clicking on those fields. How it is possible? the answer is cookies. Cookies are small pieces of messages sending from the web server to the […]

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HTML 5 Newly Added Features – Discussion | HTML 5 Tutorials

HTML 5 HTML 5 is the new standard of the previous version HTML 4.In HTML 5 we have some more options like tags through that we can reduce the use of external plugins like flash , we can reduce the scripting through tags ,we can create animations using canvas in HTML 5 .And HTML 5 […]

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Navigation [ViewStack Or Dynamically adding]| Adobe Flex Tutorials #8

Application Navigation What is navigation actually? How we can move from one page to another one.If our application is having more than one view means more than one page then we need to move from one page to another.So we need some method to switch between pages. If it is a simple HTML page we […]

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3 Ways to Use Data Binding in Flex | Adobe Flex Tutorial #7

Data Binding is defined as the process in which actually the data of one object is connected to the other object.  Data binding is actually requires one source property to define from where the value is actually going to copy and destination to which the value is copying and an event to specify actually when […]

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Flex – preinitialize, initialize and creationcomplete | Adobe Flex Tutorial #6

Flex life cycle phases – preinitialize, initialize and creationComplete We can develop applications without knowing the life cycle phases also but if we know these things then we can do our coding in a better way. Then we will know where to place the codes and all. So here we are going to discuss about […]

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Adding Flex event listeners | Adobe Flex Tutorial #5

Flex event Listeners Flex Event listeners, which are also called event handlers, are functions that Flash Player and AIR execute in response to specific events. Adding an event listener is a two-step process. First, you create a function or class method for Flash Player or AIR to execute in response to the event. This is […]

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Compile Flex project without Flash Builder | Adobe Flex Tutorial #4

Till now we discussed introduction to flex , how to create a project in flash builder? and setting compiler options in flash builder, and in this tutorial, we are going to discuss about how we can compile flex project without Flash builder? You may face situation like , if you are not using flash builder […]

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